Instinct is the actor’s most powerful tool, but it can only take you so far. An audition prepared purely on instinct can fail you when you need it most. Great actors marry their instinct with their intellect. I prepare actors to make bold, smart choices using thorough text analysis. I will help you push yourself, secure unshakeable confidence, and develop an openness that attracts the work you want!

I hold a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University and an MFA in Directing from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama, where I taught acting as a part of the John Wells Fellowship. My years as a teaching assistant to legendary Film and TV Casting Director Jane Alderman has shown me what makes a great audition. Whether you are experienced or just starting your journey, I’m here to nourish a positive mindset that produces results. Our hour long session will be personalized to your needs.

I specialize in:

  • Theatre Auditions (LA Only)

  • On-Camera Auditions (LA Only)

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Audition Prep (LA and Skype)

By the end of the session we will:

  • Identify Given Circumstances

  • Set Beats

  • Define Tone and Genre

  • Establish a Clear Objective

  • Design Tactics

  • Choose Playable Actions

Each hour-long session is $100, but I am currently offering two sessions for the price of one! Contact me today to schedule your sessions.


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